Top 10 Best Android Apps You Must Know

Top 10 Best Android apps or top 10 Apps for Android phone mobile is very useful for select best Android Apps for your mobile phone, You know that Android Devices are getting more popularity than other Smartphone devices like iPhone etc. Samsung is one of the top and most popular mobile company which develops new android smartphones every month.

When a new top device like Samsung galaxy s4 is released, people love to have a look at their features and want to buy and take advantage of its functions and features. So that’s why we have decided to write about the top and best apps for Mobile Phone that might be helpful for you and also other users loves to try them on their phones.

Which is Best Apps For Android Mobile Phone

You know nowadays many apps day by day daily appearing with us, All are trying to give useful features for users, But finding which is best for your mobile, But you know that we can’t install everyone in our phone, But you know some are getting best place in top list, And it is universal that top list place which have,

Which had something more useful for their users, After seeing their ranking and users today, we are giving you best Android apps collection which is most using by peoples.  Just select any one from this list and enjoy this collection.

List of 10 Best Android Apps

 Have a look at this list of best android apps for Galaxy s4 users that might be useful for them:
1. OpenTable 
Want to make the dinner reservation, OpenTable is the best app for this purpose and you will not need to wait on hold again.
2. Twitter
If you are active twitter user or having a lot of followers on twitter, then you can communicate with them through your device using this mobile app.
3. Amazon
If you love to buy/shop some kind of stuff online then Amazon is best and secure place for you. Using this android app, you can shop your favorite products directly from your Smartphone.
4. Snap chat
It is another most popular android app which allows users to share their favorite pictures with their friends and automatically delete those pictures after the specific time.
5.  Hangouts
If you want to communicate with your friends or fans using Google hangouts right from your android Smartphone device, then this app will be helpful for you.
6. CamScanner
This mobile app allows your Smartphone to act as the scanner. You can scan any kind of your document and after then make changes to them easily.
7. SoundCloud
As most of the internet users might know about SoundCloud which is popular for listening to the favorite music and podcasts etc. Using this app, you can enjoy SoundCloud easily on your Smartphone.
If you want to backup your important or favorite data on cloud storage, then Dropbox will be the best option for you. This android app will do this work for you to backup data right from the mobile device. You can also upload your photos and videos as well.
9. Runkeeper
This app allows users to track their long walks, runs or bike rides etc easily through their Smartphone.
10. Wunderlist
It is another top and best to do list application for android users. Download and start taking advantage of this app.
11. Duolingo
If you want to learn free languages right from your mobile tablet or android Smartphone, then you can try out Duolingo.
12. Google Drive
If you have the backup or stored your data on Google drive and want to access it from your android device, this app will be helpful for you.
13. Avast Mobile Security
As Avast is considered as top and best antivirus to protect your important data. Now using this app, you can easily secure your data on mobile from Trojans and viruses etc.
14  SnapSeed
SnapSeed allows users to apply major and minor tweaks/changes to their photos directly through this android app.
15. Timely
Timely is the best and top alarm clock application for mobile users. Interference is simple and alarm sounds are really awesome. It is highly recommend downloading and using this android app.

Some word on Top list of Android apps

I hope you liked and enjoyed this useful and informative list of best apps for mobile Phone. If you have any query or suggestion regards this guide, feel free to ask in the comments section. These apps are worldwide I means these are most using nowadays everywhere in the world, In this collection you can find social networking sites, pictures sharing apps,  music and drives and all, So I think it maybe useful for you.  So keep visit for Best Android app.

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